About Us

We are a group of confederates have very similar vision to the mountain traveling in Armenia. We try to keep our own style of tour programs which is different of tour product that most of Armenian Tour Operators provide with.

Our main aim is to work with each client personally to learn more about his (her) preferences and to adopt the tour program to his desires as much as possible. We think that individual trip planning as well as good quality service - is the only way to stick the time our clients spent in Armenia to their memory for long time.

We are just helpers of discoverers of this small but very interesting country. Good relations with local people, professional mountaineering experience as well as good leadership skills help our guides to express the zest of this beautiful land, the breath of mountains and hospitality of Armenian people.

We do not have an office because modern Information Technologies let us work from everywhere is a connection to Internet. So, that is why we are able to connect with you day-round (not only on working hours). We generally head an idea of office sitting and do not want to become an "office plankton":)

Our permanent team:

Hakob Hovhannisyan - photography, backpacking & trekking

Mher Hovsepyan - mountaineering & IT (sysadmin)

Arthur Babayan - photography & IT (netadmin)

Andrey Chesnokov - backpacking, trekking & logistic organizing