Khosrov Trekking Tour

Khosrov Natural Preserve was established in 1958. The huge Geghama plateau descends to the valleys of Azat, Khosrov and Akhsu rivers and to the circus of Mankuk. The reaches of the reserve are flora and fauna as well as numerous historical sites like abandoned villages, monasteries, grottoes and fortresses. Thanks to rear visits all that sites are still impressive. The climate is sharp continental: hot summer and cold winter. That is why BPA recommends you book the tours in Khosrov in spring and autumn.
During the tour tourists with hike the route together with guide, carrying daily pack with their luch, drinking water and clothes they may need on the way. The luggage of the group as well as camping and kitchen equipment would go with the vehicle from one campground to another one.


Khosrov Natural Preserve trek

Trekking Tour 8 days/ 7 nights
8 days/ 7 nights
Start and finish of the tour:
Hotel in Yerevan, tents in countryside.

Day 1: Yerevan. Afternoon meeting for checking the equipment and agreement about the start next day.

Day 2: Yerevan. Drive to Sevaberd village. Start the hiking to Aknalich lake. Lunch – on the way. Dinner and overnight near the volcanic lake Aknalich. Hiking 14 km uphill. Meal Plan: /L/D.

Day 3: Aknalich. Hiking to the highest top of Geghamians – Mt. Azhdahag. Lunch – on the way. Traverse the top of Azhdahag and camping on the Eastern slope of it near nomads of Jrashen village. Hiking 16 km. Dinner and overnight in tents. Meal Plan: B/L/D.

Day 4: Azhdahag. Visit stone carvings of Early Bronze Age near Mt. Nazeli. Lunch – on the way. Hiking to the nomad of Zovashen village. Time for acquainting with the lifestyle of people and for the leisure. Hiking 5 km. Camping. Dinner and overnight. Meal Plan: B/L/D.

Day 5: Zovashen nomad. Hikng to the Southern slope of Mt. Spitakasar. Lunch – on the way. Ascending the top of Spitakasar. After descending – taking the direction to the gorge of Azat valley. Hiking – 20 km. Dinner and overnight in tents near the hole Davagyozy. Meal Plan: B/L/D.

Day 6: Davagyozy. Hiking to the abandoned village Kaladibi-Tap. Lunch near the water spring. Hiking to Kakavaberd fortress (9-13 cc). Descending to Azat valley – the territory of Khosrov National Preserve through abandoned village Kaladibi. Dinner and overnight in tents, on the territory of Kaladibi abandoned village. Time for the leisure. Hiking 18 km. Meal Plan: B/L/D.

Day 7: Kaladibi. Hiking to Yellija village through Gilanlar village. Lunch – on the way. Visit on the way St. Stepanos abandoned monastery (11-13 cc). Time for the leisure. Dinner and overnight in tents in Yellija. Hiking 12 km. Meal Plan: B/L/D.

Day 8: Yellija. Hiking to Garni village. Visit on the way Havuts-tar abandoned monastery (11-13 cc), the Medieval bridge on river Gokht, “the Symphony of Stones” – mono-crystals of basalt in the gorge. Lunch – on the way. Ascending from the gorge to Garni pagan temple (1st AD). Meeting our vehicle and transfer to Yerevan. Hiking 14 km. Meal Plan: B/L/.

The price includes:

  • DBL accommodation at tents (SGL occupancy at the supplement payment);
  • Meal according to the Meal Plan;
  • Transportation with the vehicle to the start point of the tour and return to Yerevan;
  • Support AWD vehicle for carrying the luggage;
  • Guide(s) services;
  • All entrance tickets where required;
  • All necessary equipment (tents, sleeping bags, mats, kitchen equipment, GPS recievers);
  • First aid kit;

The price does not include:

  • Additional trips;
  • Alcoholic drinks;
  • Medical expenses if required;
  • Insurance;
  • Tips for the services.

Additional services (like transfer airport-hotel-airport or booking rooms at the hotel) we could provide, you may order separately, filling booking form.

The price of the tour (per person):

Group size Price
2-3 pax990$
4-6 pax755$
7-8 pax505$
9-12 pax430$
SGL Supplement40$

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