Why travel with BPA?

Why Backpacking Adventure is different?

With many different tour operators offering their services, how can one be sure to choose the right one for a particular trip? Everyone seems to offer “expert guides” and “the trip of a lifetime”.

We at Backpacking Adventure believe that any active holiday, be it walking, hiking or trekking is more than just activity; it is a full immersion both linguistically and culturally into a new environment. And this is why the following points are very important to our guests and us:

Guide-Trip Leader
Meticulously Researched Itineraries
Group Size
Administrative Customer Care and Service

1. Guide - Trip Leader

There are so many varieties when traveling, but when on a guided trip, the single most important factor is your guide. He or she is your link to Armenia and Armenian culture that you will be visiting. They will make or break a trip: that is our most profound belief and has been our experience.

Most of them will have undergone several years of work as mountain guides and photographers before joining us.

We strongly believe that local knowledge is one of the main factors in providing a trip of the utmost quality. If your guide has never been to the area, and doesn`t know the local details and infrastructure, you might as well have gone on your own.

When guiding such classics as “Climbing Mt. Aragats” or “Trekking on Geghamian plateau”, we differentiate ourselves from other operators by using guides who have an intimate knowledge of the area, know the people, and by taking alternative routes, stopping along the way to sightsee five or more thousand years old petroglyphs, the nomads running by families of Yesids (national minority), and spend the extra time to taste goat cheese and matsoun - local yogurt.

By carefully searching the country for committed professionals with the same penchant for quality, respect for the environment and outstanding guiding skills, Backpacking Armenia is striving to maintain the highest level of personal service yet offer competitive prices.

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2. Meticulously Researched Itineraries

Backpacking Armenia, as our name indicates, wants to be an interface between all that is Armenia and you, the intrepid traveler, looking for a journey of a life time, or simply a week away to enjoy the bliss of hiking in the mountains.

All our trips have been carefully researched, using the expertise of many local guides.
Our mountaineering trips such as ski alpinism on Mt. Aragats in the winter or Climbing Mt Khustup, (in the Southern Armenia), stand out not only for the sheer beauty of the walk, but also because of the careful planning and logistical support, which that journeys require. Our outdoor logistic team has very good relations with local people so, thanks to that you will feel yourself as a member of a families we will meet during your journeys.

Hiking with locals, who are able to communicate their passion for what they do, is far more enriching than being lead by inexperienced “summer help”, looking to earn an easy salary.

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3. Group size

On most of our trips, we limit our group size to 10 guests. Most companies have a minimum departure size of 5/6 pax, we confirm our trip departures as soon as three guests have confirmed their participation.

If you like traveling in small groups, come with us!

Small groups ensure flexibility, and real interaction with the country, culture and people. There is no “follow me” - mentality on our trips.

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4. Administrative Customer Care and Service

Direct telephone access to our office manager, ready to answer any of your pre-trip questions, an informational brochure and constant contact during your planning phase, Backpacking Armenia assists you in choosing the right trip for your interests and ability level. We will answer all phone calls and emails promptly, to keep you informed about what is happening.

We can assist with any personal travel plans before or after our trip, and we can handle all necessary changes of travel plans.

Upon booking one of our trips, you will receive a comprehensive information package, including a detailed itinerary with elevation gains and descents for each day, practical tips and tricks for the area you will be visiting, a recommended reading list, background information of the area you will be visiting, and a map.

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